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    Hi there,
    I came across your server and I noticed you could use some help getting more players. I can help you with it.

    I offer a service where I sell votes for server sites such as PlanetMinecraft.

    My average rate is $15/1000 votes and I can sell at any quantity you want, smaller or higher. Negotiable depending on votes but this is the standard.

    Via my method this will inturn make you rise above server ranking lists as my methods is viable for many server ranking sites. These are all 100% accounts that will vote for your server and we guarantee that you will not get banned. I have a 100% success rate and I have helped build many servers from nothing to thousands of daily users. Your server will become more popular in very less time!

    In no time you'll see more players draw into your server due to the high legitimates votes!
    If you require more information please don't be afraid to drop me a PM or contact me on Discord: wildfirex#9815

    Or if you prefer Skype, my id is: sapphireprosk

    Looking forward to talking to you :)

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